The Importance of Clinical Research

How Do Clinical Research Trials Help?

Clinical research trials have led to major medical advancements and breakthroughs that have improved our overall quality of life. These clinical research trials test the safety and effectiveness of new medicines or treatments. Advancements and breakthroughs through clinical research include the development of new treatments for diseases, new methods to diagnose diseases, and new ways to reduce the chances of developing a disease. The patients that participate in clinical trials are an integral part of the clinical research process. That is why people such as you matter so much to clinical research and clinical trials. When a person agrees to participate in a clinical trial, that person is someone who is assisting to further the research process and helping researchers gain more insight.

Clinical Research Advancements

Clinical research has helped advance treatment options for type 1 and type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer, autism, ADHD, and gout to name a few. Also, vaccines have been discovered through clinical trials that have decreased the chances of developing certain diseases. Some diseases that currently have vaccinations available to reduce the chances of infection include polio, influenza, HPV, chickenpox (varicella), and Hepatitis B.

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Research Trial

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