The Connection Between Low Testosterone and COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a major health crisis around the world, scientists are learning more and more each day about this novel virus. Research studies focused on COVID-19 have identified stark correlations between numerous different conditions and the severity of coronavirus symptoms among many populations.

Recent findings have identified that the lower the levels of testosterone (low T), the higher the likelihood that male patients would require intensive care and intubation on a ventilator. These severe symptoms of COVID-19 also mean that those with low T experience longer hospital stays and have a higher risk of death from the disease. In fact, the likelihood of death for those with low T increased six-fold.

The research study that determined this correlation was performed in Milan, Italy during the initial coronavirus wave in early 2020; the findings were presented this month at the European Association of Urology Congress. At the start of the pandemic that has continued for well over a year now, hospitals were admitting noticeably more men than women for severe COVID-19 symptoms, leading doctors to believe that male hormone levels may play an important factor in this illness.

Medical research is consistently evolving as new information comes to light. Researchers are not yet sure if low T is the cause or effect of severe COVID-19 symptoms since hormone levels were not measured in individuals prior to contracting COVID-19. Healthy levels of testosterone work to help fight against disease, indicating that perhaps those with low T are more susceptible the virus. However, it is also possible that COVID-19 causes a reduction of this hormone. There is much more to learn about this correlation, and doctors around the world are working to learn as much as possible about testosterone’s relation to COVID-19.

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