Remedies for Treating Child Constipation

Accurately diagnosing and treating conditions among children can come with its challenges, and no parent wants to see their child suffer. Nearly everyone has experienced constipation at some point in their life, whether it be due to eating something in particular or a chronic condition. By definition, constipation is a condition in which a person passes less than three bowel movements per week or has difficult bowel movements. It can certainly be an uncomfortable and frustrating feeling, so here are some remedies you can try with your child to help ease the discomfort and ensure that bowel movements can pass without strain.

Make sure they drink plenty of fluids

It is important to keep hydrated throughout the day for overall health, and this can aid in passing bowel movements as well. Doctors recommend eight cups of liquid each day, and a small amount of juice in the morning can work wonders for those struggling with constipation. The most popular juice to ease constipation is prune juice, which helps to soften stool. Apple or pear juice are great options as well. It is recommended to avoid carbonated beverages during bouts of constipation, as that can exacerbate symptoms of discomfort.

Offer foods rich in fiber

The digestive tract is a critical component to curing constipation, so be sure to adhere to a diet that keeps the digestive system in check. Foods that are rich in fiber, such as dried beans, oats, raw vegetables, and citrus fruits like apples and pears may help.

 Encourage movement

While enduring abdominal discomfort, it may be natural for your child to want to lay down or stay put, but doing so will likely prolong constipation. Try to encourage your child to get moving, as exercise will stimulate the digestive process and may put an end to constipation.

Reward your child and be patient

No one wants to feel constipated at any age, and a young child may feel confused by this uncomfortable sensation. If your child is of an appropriate age, reward them and vocalize praise when they do go to the bathroom. Be sure to exercise patience as well, since forcing your young one to try to use the bathroom may result in anal fissures or hemorrhoids.

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