Caring for Kids and Teens with ADHD This Summer

Still in the developmental stages of brain development, children at younger ages have the ability to learn many new skills quickly, and those with ADHD are no exception. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a chronic condition that affects millions of children and is characterized by difficulty paying attention or completing tasks, lack of focus and organization, and impulsive movement and speaking. ADHD can be diagnosed in children as young as four years old.  For these children, finding activities to both stimulate them and manage their symptoms during the summer can be difficult.

Preschool-age children with ADHD can benefit from structured summer activities that may be educational as well as fun. Their impulsive behavior may prove a challenge, but their interests in interactional games or activities can teach them something new and hold their attention.

Organizing outings for a day may provide another outlet for them to explore new places, and planning different activities throughout the day can foster a a learning environment for them that prevents boredom as well.

ADHD in Teens

During this time of year, teenagers have left the classroom behind and are ready to kick their feet up with their friends. But for teens diagnosed with ADHD, they and may need additional activities during the summer to fully enjoy their time.

Setting goals with teens this summer can encourage them to continue learning beyond the classroom. Asking “What’s one new thing you want to learn this week?” can stimulate their minds to consider learning a new task or activity.

If an adolescent in your life is living with ADHD, consider a clinical trial with Preferred Research Partners in Little Rock, Arkansas. You may be eligible for treatment at no cost to you and contribute to the advancement of medical research.


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