Volunteers Needed for Latest Studies

Preferred Research Partners is currently seeking participants for research studies for those sufferi..

Experienced in Phase II, III, IV, Pediatric, Adult and Geriatric Studies

PRP has developed a strong reputation for quality research and outstanding patient recruitment performance. PRP’s success can be attributed to its exceptional staff, professional management, and effective patient recruitment tactics. PRP also enjoys a low staff turn over rate, which contributes to its efficient operations and steady growth.

PRP has a goal of becoming the premier research institute in the southwest.


Preferred Research Partners offers many opportunities for volunteers to participate in research trials.

Volunteers can often receive compensation for time and travel. In addition, any medicine or device involved in the trial is provided at no charge to the volunteer.


Preferred Research Partners is an ideal choice to conduct clinical trials.

PRP has an excellent clinical trial history.  Our facilities are equipped with the latest innovations, and our staff is highly trained.